Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What do you like to eat? (Introductory Lesson)

Introductory Lesson:
1. Introduction
Have each of the students fill out a note card with the following information
a. Name (what would you like to be called?)
b. Birthday 
c. Favorite Movie
d. Favorite Restaurant
e. What are your hobbies and or interests?
f. What's your favorite food?
(the goal of this activity is to get the students talking, get to know the students, and gauge the students speaking ability, it is important to learn about their interests so that future lessons can be tailored to those topics.)
2. What kind of food do you like?
Ask the students to say what kinds of foods they like, the students should offer descriptions of foods when they don't know the english term for it
example: the food where they don't cook the fish --> Sushi, Ceviche...
The goal of this activity is get students speaking, and comfortable making mistakes.
3. Segue to Book activities
What kind of food do you like? Do you like to cook? What is your favorite dish to cook, or to eat...?
Goal Activity:
Our goal is to be able to describe how you make a dish/what is in a dish. As homework students should think of a recipe, or dish they want to share with the class, their homework over the weekend will be to think of a dish, and describe it.
4. Pronunciation
Use the Pronunciation activity on page 4 of English File. See if the students can think of additional words that fall into the different categories.
5. Categories game
This is can take place of the vocabulary activity on Page 4
As a silly game, to end class on a high note, we will play a category game. We will have a ball, I will give the category, when a student has the ball they must say a word in that category, and then pass it to the next person.
Student one-Pizza (throws ball to student 2)
Student two-ice cream
This continues until one student can't think of a word in that category.

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