Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Introductions-New Places, Fresh Faces

Introductory Lesson:
Students Ages 9/10
First Lesson
1 Hour

1. Introduction
Have each of the students fill out a note card with the following information
a. Name (what would you like to be called?)
b. Birthday 
c. Favorite Movie
d. Favorite food
e. Favorite Animal
f. Favorite Color
g. What are your hobbies and or interests?

2. Say it another way
There are many ways to say "Hello" and "Good-Bye"
Lets see how many the students can use. (Put them into formal and informal categories as the students go)
Howdy,  Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Hey, Hi, Yo, G'Day
Bye, Bye-Bye, Have a nice day, Take care, Later, See you, See you ____,

3. Learn how to play "Rock,Scissors,Paper"
This game will be used often throughout the course of the year, so I will introduce it here.
Once the students understand the rules the students will play amongst each other (and with the teacher),
Hello and Good-Bye
The winner of the tournament must say a version of "Hello" the loser must say a version of "good-bye"

4. Introduce yourself
My name is _____
I am ______
I like _____
Nice to meet you!
Learn the Phrases above to introduce yourself...

5. Class race
Go down the line of students, each student must introduce themselves using the following phrases
My name is/I am
I like
Nice to meet you!
and Shake the teachers hand.
1st time I will time them (without them knowing) Each student must introduce themselves to the teacher.
2nd time with the teacher timed
3rd time  try to beat the 2nd time

 6. Categories game
As a silly game, to end class on a high note, we will play a category game. We will have a ball, I will give the category, when a student has the ball they must say a word in that category, and then pass it to the next person.
Student one-Pizza (throws ball to student 2)
Student two-ice cream
This continues until one student can't think of a word in that category.

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