Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ordinal Numbers for Dates-Teachers Edition

Class size: 4
Student age: Adult
Student type: Business
Class time: 1 hour

1. Intro
a. Student Names-Remember student names, and make sure I am saying them right
b. Collect Homework-What do the students want to learn in English class this year
2. Ordinal Numbers
a. Begin with numbers that end in "th" The following order
6-11th,13-19th, 26-29th,36-39th,...
4th, 24th, 34th, 44th... (all of the numbers up till here have been regular, show that to spell them, you only need to add "th" four+th=fourth)
20, 30, 40... (don't forget the extra syllable twentieth, thirtieth, .... remove the 'y' and add 'ieth')
5, 25, 35, 45th... and 12th ( ve becomes fth)
b. 1st, 21st, 31st...
c. 2nd, 22nd, 32nd...
d. 3rd, 23rd, 33rd...
3. Practice ordinal numbers
a. write a number on the board and have the students recite it's corresponding ordinal number
b. Optional game- Divide the board into 4 quadrants, and label the quadrants st, nd, rd, and th. Divide the class into 2 teams, have the students hit the quadrant where the ordinal number would lie, and say the correct number.
4. Dates
a. Explain that dates can said "the 4th of July" or "July 4th"
b. Explain that dates are written month/day/year in the United States, but are generally written day/month/year in the rest of the English speaking world
5. Karuta Game
Make a deck of cards for each team in class (for a class of 4, 2 decks will be enough)
The deck should consist of 30 cards the numbers 0,1,0-9,0-3,0-9, and st,nd,rd,th
Give each team a deck.
The teams must listen to the teacher. The teacher will say a date (in either form of the date) and the students must place the corresponding numbers on the table along with the correct sound. Be sure to clarify weather the students should write the date in the American order or international
Example; If the teacher say November twentynineth, the students must place the cards 1,1,2,9, and th, on the table in front of them.
The first team to make the date will get a point for their team.
(this should be enough material for a class, but if the class goes quickly use the following lesson aspects)
6. What are ordinal numbers used for?
a. Dates
b. placement (races...)/order or things in a set
c. floors on a building
d. how many times you have done something (this is my first time...)

7. Years
a. Explain how dates are said in English
1999=nineteen ninetynine
1786=seventeen eightysix
Start with the regular
b. Discuss explain that 2000-2011 are said twothousand ... 2012 and on can be either said two thousand... or twenty ...
c. only if there is plenty of time discuss 1901-1909, 1801-1809...
8. Review

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