Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Prepositions of Time - at, in, on

1. at, in, on
a. you must use these when scheduling
b. at- used for precise times
c. in- general times
d.on- days

Precise time
Months, Years, Centuries (long periods)
Days and Dates
At 3:00
In may
On Sunday
At 5:30
In summer (In the summer)
On Tuesdays
At bedtime
In 2013
On the August 5th
At lunchtime
In the past
On Halloween

 2. Practice
a. I have several book exercises that I will have the students do. Check your book to see if there is a unit availble.
I will be using New English File-Elementary Unit 3D, exercises 3 a and b
or English Grammar in Use Unit 121 Exercises 121.1, 121.2, (121.3)
I have them do the first 5 of each exercise in class, the rest are homework.
3.  Schedule Bingo (most likely will not be used next class, but the class after)
Write 30+ times and dates on the board, have students fill in a 5x5 bingo card randomly with the times and dates they choose.
Read a schedule aloud, as the student hears a time and date have them cross it out. 
The first students to get five in a row is the winner.
Words and Phrases to use:

12:00 (Midnight)
January 1st
July 4th
February 14th
August 23rd
August 10th
March 17th
September 30th
April 1st
October 31st
September 16th
May 5th
November 26th
12:00 (noon)
June 30th
December 25th
February 29th

1.       It is scary on the 31st of October at Midnight, because it is Halloween.
2.       I heard Santa come at 2:00 in the morning on December 25th
3.       It is always hot at noon.
4.       In America, I always eat dinner at half past six (6:30)
5.       Our first class was on September 16th
6.       I go to bed every night at 11:50
7.       New Year’s is on January 1st
8.       The meeting at 3:30 has been canceled
9.       Valentine’s Day is on February 14th
10.   It is too late to take a siesta at 5:45
11.   Let’s have a party at 5:05 on the 5th of May
12.   I always have a BBQ at 6:15 on the 4th of July.
13.   The meeting on June 30th  ended at 1:02
14.   I was pranked on April 1st (April fool’s day) at 4:12 in the morning
15.   Today is the 30th of September
16.   The 29th of February only happens every four years
17.   It was hot at 1:15 on August 10th
18.   I was on the metro at 5:35, and I got home at 5:45.
19.   I love the parties on St. Patrick’s day, on March 17th.
20.   The meeting starts at 1:00 and Ends at 1:55 on August 23rd.
21.   My birthday is November 26th

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