Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Telling Time-Teacher Edition

1. Review
a. The previous class focused on dates, review dates and make sure the students are confident on this topic. Use the Karuta game used last time to have students review the dates.
2. Introduce time
a. Start with hours, 1-12 (explain that some countries use the hours 13-23, but in the United States we only have am, and pm)
b. minutes start with 10-59
for example 8:10 is said eight ten...
c. miutes 01-09
explain that 8:05 is said eight O'five
Explain that 8:00 is said eight O'clock
2. Karuta Game
Use the cards from last week and play the same game, but say times instead of dates (this should be really easy and should be a really fast game.
Give each team a deck.
The teams must listen to the teacher. The teacher will say a time and the students must place the corresponding numbers on the table.Example; If the teacher say 8:15 the students must place the cards 0,8,1,and 5  on the table in front of them.The first team to make the time will get a point for their team
Because last weeks topics will need to be reviewed a lot, this should be enough material for one day. If there is enough time introduce the following topics.
.3. Quarter past, Half past, Quarter to
Introduce the phrases Quarter past, half past, quarter to (till)
Continue to play the game using the new and old phrases.

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